Aquaman Costume – Tutorial

The first of this year’s Halloween costumes is done, and Aquaman has never looked cuter! I started off this project by doing a little bit of research on the various costumes that Aquaman has had over the years, trying to find the right fit for my #3 baby. I decided to go with a classic approach minus the underwear over the leggings look.

Image from:
(Image from:

I also opted out of the gloves because there is no way that #3 would ever keep those on.


For little boy costumes, I usually try to find solid colored long-sleeved pajamas. But because of the unique colors of Aquaman’s costume, and the fact that I was looking for baby sizes, this ended up being a little difficult. However, when you can’t find the right size, you can always find the wrong size.

Rather than look through bolts of fabric and making the shirt from scratch, I bought 2 XL boy shirts that were on sale at Walmart; one in orange and one in sea green. Carefully cutting on the seams of the large orange shirt, I separated the pieces to use the existing neckline and sleeves to create one in the 9 month size.


The pattern I used for the shirt is the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made-By-Rae. Her PDF pattern comes with great step-by-step instructions.

After sewing the shirt together, I used a freezer paper stencil (see link below) to paint on the shimmering fish scales. Depending on the size of the shirt that you are using, you may need to copy the fish scale pattern onto the freezer paper multiple times. For a tutorial on how to use freezer paper stencils, look at my previous post, Freezer Paper – Superhero Shirts.

For the pants, I cut along the seams of the XL boys sea green shirt, and then used the existing hemline for the bottom of the leg holes. I used this free pattern, Baby Go To Leggings. And it is important to note that because this pattern is for leggings, they will fit tighter than ordinary pants.


To finish, I sewed together a little belt with gold stretch fabric. The end result is just too cute!

And as promised, here is the fish scale stencil design for you to print off so that you can create your own.



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